Davante Adams apologizes to man he pushed to the ground after game

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Raiders wide collector Davante Adams apologized after Monday night’s game for pushing a man to the ground as he left the field.

As journalists in the Raiders’ storage space talked with Adams about the game, Adams brought the subject up himself without being asked.

“Before I answer anything else, I want to apologize to the person — some person running off the field, and he ran or hopped before me, falling off the field and I caught him and kind of pushed him and he wound up on the ground so I want to say sorry to him for that because that was simply frustration blended in with him literally running before me. I shouldn’t have answered that way yet that’s the way I initially answered, so I simply want to apologize for that,” Adams said.

It’s surprisingly that he offered an apology without being asked, however his depiction of the episode as catching somebody who bounced before him doesn’t match the video, which shows that Adams easily might have avoided the man and decided to give him a hard push instead.

Adams offered a subsequent apology on Twitter.

“Sorry to the person I pushed over after the game. Clearly extremely frustrated at the way the game finished and when he ran infront of me as I left that was my reaction and I felt terrible immediately. Thats not me..MY APOLOGIES man trust you see this,” Adams composed.

Adams will probably face NFL discipline for the occurrence.

Davante Adams apologizes to man he pushed to the ground after game originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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